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making the connection | January 14, 2018

January 10, 2018

A hand appeared and wrote on the palace wall: “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin”.

This scene is found in the fifth chapter of Daniel where it tells us of a king who had everything. This king knew how to live life to the fullest. In the midst of one of his wild parties, a human hand appeared. This floating hand wrote a judgment from God onto the walls of the palace. The judgment: “You have been found wanting.” Imagine the wealthiest, most powerful person in the world being judged as lacking contentment or being poor before God.

The story of Daniel 5 is an extreme case of a person being rich in this world, but poor before God. However, we can feel in very real ways, our poverty before God as we struggle daily with contentment. A lack of contentment shows up in our lives in some pretty ugly ways. It shows up in our constant busyness and fatigue. We look to coffee and energy drinks as never before to keep ourselves going. A lack of contentment is also seen in our finances. The debt keeps mounting in order to prop up the lives we want for ourselves. We could go on to talk about anxiety, conflict, and general dissatisfaction. Suffice to say that we desperately need to find contentment, and we can find it in God.

Throughout the Scriptures, God shows people the way to be content in Him. One of the primary ways we discover contentment is by resting in our identity in Christ. Instead of comparing ourselves to others, we need to focus on the fact that in God we are accepted and loved. We find freedom from comparison through our faith in Jesus Christ and what He’s done for us. God also calls us to enjoy the good things we already have. Whether we have a little or a lot, we can all be grateful to God that we live and breathe. Life and health are a gift from God. Most of us can add to these things a mountain of other good things to be grateful for. Contentment and gratitude are closely tied to one another. The road to contentment isn’t necessarily easy, but it leads us closer to God. We can find contentment, and be rich in God’s eyes, regardless of what material things we have in this world.  –Nate Metler

  • Read Philippians 4:4-13 this week. What does this passage teach about gratitude, generosity, and finding peace and contentment?
  • Pray for the Lord to help your grow in contentment this week.
  • Make all of this practical by finding a way in the next seven days to be generous, grateful, or to trust God for the strength to make it through something difficult.
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