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This Winter in Sonlight!!

January 2, 2018

Happy 2018 to all our Sonlight Families!

Be sure to check out our Winter Newsletter which talks about friendships. Friendships are such an important part of each of our lives. Many of us have friends who have been a part of our lives forever. They are the ones that no matter how much time there is in between visits, it is like you were never apart. We also have friends that are part of our life for a season. They are just as important to us. I feel God sends those people into our lives for a short season to help us in our trials.

In Sonlight, kids learn at an early age that Jesus is their “Forever Friend.” He is there for them in all seasons of life and He is there for them forever. He loves them always. This year, I encourage you to talk with your kids about what good friendships look like. Talk about Jesus and how He always forgives us when we mess up and how we can forgive our earthly friends when they mess up. Talk about healthy friendships, boundaries, and the qualities that are important for friendships in our lives.

In this issue of the newsletter, Stephanie Bibler shares about what friendship has meant in her life. She talks about friendship through the highs and lows as a wife and mother.

Praying for you all for a healthy and joyous New Year!


Marianne Watson
Children’s Ministry Director
Warsaw Community Church


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