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making the connection | October 22, 2017

October 18, 2017

Have a little faith. Have you ever had someone say this to you in life? I have, and it is usually someone trying to get me to help them out with something or go along with their plan. In our skeptical society we put little faith into anything. We have been disappointed or let down too many times. But when it comes to God, we should realize that He is not like us and He does what He says He will do. Maybe not according to our plan or timeframe but according to His plan.

When God came to Abraham and in essence said have a little faith, He was inviting an average shepherd to step into God’s story and experience God in a new way. I would dare to say that to move your entire family to a place you don’t know would take more than a little faith. But because Abraham had seen God provide for his family over the years, he was willing to stretch his faith and trust God in this new venture. He believed that God was good and could be trusted.

I often wonder what God might have done if Abraham said “no” to God. Would He have gone to someone else and made the same offer? But then I quickly reflect on the meaning and purpose God brought to Abraham and his family because he did trust God. His life of faith then allowed him to join God’s plan to offer salvation to anyone who chooses to believe in Him and what He has done through Jesus.

God is inviting each of us into His story, even today. Most likely it won’t be of the epic proportions that Abraham experienced, but if it’s from God it will be meaningful and of eternal value. In order for us to join God we have to be leaning His direction and seeking out what God has shown us in His Word and what He might be doing right around us. We know that God is all about helping people in need by restoring their lives through a relationship with Jesus. Often this begins by asking God to give us the love and patience to step into people’s lives and begin caring for them. As you do, things can get messy, you won’t always know what to do, and circumstances may feel impossible. I am convinced this is just how Abraham felt as he followed God. And this is where, like Abraham, we need to re-up on our trust in God on a daily basis. I can tell you from personal experience, that when you do join God, you’ll be so glad you did because you will see God’s purpose for you played out right before you. – Scott Nieveen

  •  Are you asking God to show you areas in your life where you can join Him in His plans to love and save people?
  •  What is something that you may need to cut back on or stop doing to create some space in your life to join God?
  • Write down specific thoughts you have that can hinder your ability to trust God more. Talk to God about these and ask Him to help you grow your faith in Him.
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