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making the connection | August 13, 2017

August 9, 2017

Will somebody please stop the world, I want to get off? Do you ever feel like your life is just dragging you around? You try to be responsible, be a good parent, be an engaged spouse, and a productive worker. And when you add it all together it just seems like too much. It seems like too much because most of the time it is just that – TOO MUCH.

If we are going to have any hope of getting into the game, the way God planned for us, we need to make some tough decisions. I am definitely including myself in this struggle as I am coming off of three crazy busy weeks in a row. Several symptoms can show up in our lives when we are not running at a pace that God sets. We can be more impatient than normal, forget things that we normally are on top of, and begin to view relationships as an inconvenience. When these tell-tale signs start showing up we need to call a time-out and find some alone time with God.

God’s desire is to give us perspective. So, we can sort through what is really important versus what just feels urgent at the time. He wants to help us better understand what is driving our busyness. Are we trying to please someone or find our worth in what we do, instead of believing what God says about us? Sometimes, we have made decisions that over commit our time or finances, and this forces us into a mode of “just keeping our heads above water.”

God wants to set you free from the things that are driving your life to be lived in unhealthy ways. But in order for Him to do this, we have to trust and follow His lead. I know that in my own life when I try to take total control and run the show it doesn’t go well and I eventually realize my need to give God control again… and again… and again.

If you relate to these struggles, then I would encourage you to take some time in the next 10 days to find a quiet place and get alone with God. Reflect on the following and ask God to give you His wisdom, perspective, and the courage to make the changes God is leading you to make. Remember these truths always. God will never leave you no matter what you’ve done and it’s never too late to start doing the right thing.

–       What can drive you to be so busy?  Why do you do some of the things you do?
–       What do you think would happen if you did less or stopped doing a certain activity that packs your schedule?
–       Read these verses and ask yourself how your life lines up with God’s direction. Matthew 6:33 and 2 Corinthians 5:9

Scott Nieveen

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