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making the connection | July 23, 2017

July 20, 2017

As a kid, I used to enjoy tossing stones into the perfectly still lake we were staying by while on vacation. I would sometimes try to count all the ripples it created. I soon discovered that I could not keep up with the multiple ripples the stones created.

A few years ago, I looked up John and paid him a visit. He had a profound impact on me as a typical, ornery high school boy. He lived out Jesus to me in a way I could understand and wanted to replicate. Not long before I left for college he encouraged me to invest in others for the purpose of helping them see Christ more clearly and follow Him more wholeheartedly. I knew how much I appreciated what John had done for me and the impact his life had in my walk with God that I eagerly looked forward to seeing how God might use me.

As John and I enjoyed several meals together I shared with him how grateful I was that he had taken time to intentionally pour into me. I shared story after story of students and adults that God had allowed me to have a season of time with. As I flew back home that weekend I couldn’t help but think about where my life might have tracked out if it weren’t for John choosing to follow God’s prompting in his life to pursue me and show me in everyday life what living as a Christ follower could look like.

What a ripple effect! God desires for all of us to make our lives available for His plans and purposes. And when we follow His lead we can look forward to seeing God create a ripple effect through our lives. You may be thinking, “What could I ever do for God of significance?” That’s the wrong thing to focus on. Leave that part up to God and remember, if anything of spiritual significance is to happen He has to be the one to do it. Our focus should be to trust that God wants to use us in our circles of influence to love people with His love. As we do this, over time, we will see God using our faithfulness to Him to make a difference in people’s lives. Don’t get tripped up on the size or scope of what you are doing. Just stay focused on what He makes you aware of. Keep in mind, no deed done for God is too small or insignificant.

Is there someone in your life that clearly had a “ripple effect” on you? Let them know that… Give them a call this week, send them a note, or post a thank you photo of them on your social media with a story of their impact on you (#therippleeffect)   Scott Nieveen

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